Ten questions to consider right now, today, to get a sense of your brand’s health and long term well-being:

  1. Could we be selling more of our “stuff”?
  2. Have we defined exactly how we want our brand(s) to be perceived in the real world?
  3. Have we clearly communicated this to employees?
  4. Are all of our operations — from manufacturing to sales to customer service to admin — aligned with how we want our brand to be perceived?
  5. Do we know which of our brand touch points drive initial sales and long-lasting customer relationships?
  6. Do we track what our customers, prospects, and influencers really think of us?
  7. What is the real, unique benefit users receive from each of our brands?
  8. How are we distinctive from our competitors?
  9. Are we generating the most return from the customer lifecycle?
  10. What’s getting in the way of achieving our goals and objectives?

Chew on these over your bran muffin this morning. When you’ve answered the questions and formalized the action plan that results, you’ll be well on your way to a healthy brand and long term success. Happy pondering. And, if you need some help, give us at 34 North a call.