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Want Business Success? Start By Just Doing Your Business.

My daughter had a recent interaction with no-frills Spirit Airlines.  It didn’t go well.  The short story: Tampa to Chicago by way of Dallas.  Mechanical delay in Dallas, very poor communications to waiting passengers at the gate, eventual cancellation of… Continue Reading →

It’s The Small Stuff That Can Have The Biggest Brand Impact

The waiter at Fore Street restaurant in Portland, Maine was just doing his job. I ordered my Bombay Sapphire martini a little dirty, just as I had hundreds of times before at hundreds of other bars and restaurants. As we… Continue Reading →

What Drives a Great Brand? Richard Branson Knows.

(Sir) Richard Branson gets it.  That’s why he’s been more successful at starting, growing, and profiting from his businesses than you, me, and hundreds of our most successful friends and associates put together.  Here “it” is, in his own words:… Continue Reading →

What’s In a Name?

Few things require more investment of thought than naming something. What to call the new dog? Or child? Coming up with the right name is obviously worth the effort, since these things have a way of being around quite a… Continue Reading →

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