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Identifying Your Pre-Purchase Brand Touch Points

Think about all of the various interactions your company has with customers and prospects before the sale is ever made. The big, obvious ones and those that seem minor and insignificant. Got ’em all? You probably identified touch points like your advertising programs, trade shows,… Continue Reading →

A Great Quote About Innovation

“Never do the same thing once.” I really like this quote about innovation by Marty Neumeier in his Slideshare presentation, The Brand Gap, and book by the same title. He also says you’ll know it’s an innovation “when it scares the hell… Continue Reading →

What Is a “Brand Touch Point?”

A while back, I purchased a new Onkyo a/v receiver. Before making my purchase, I visited several product review websites and online retail sites, looked through various home theater magazines, and even stopped by some good old brick and mortar retailers to thoroughly… Continue Reading →

Building A Brand Against A Goliath Competitor

Most of us in small business are looking up at a Goliath competitor. That big, dominant player that seems to effortlessly steal away our rightful market share, or keep us pent up as an ankle biter. Damn them. The reasons they’re so dominant could… Continue Reading →

Branding: What We Can Learn About It From College Football

Thankfully, it’s time for the college football season to start. With all the color, pageantry, traditions, fanaticism, and school spirit that go with it, college football offers a complete experience unlike any other sport. And, perhaps, unlike any other brand.  The first college football… Continue Reading →

Brand Touch Points Will Make Or Break Your Business

Not long ago, my wife and I visited a local pizza joint for a late dinner. The place was nearly empty when we arrived. It was also a mess; every table was piled high with the previous guests’ trash. Being a seat-yourself place, we found what… Continue Reading →

“The Only” Key To Brand Positioning

“The Only” That’s the most critical component of a brand positioning statement. It indicates your specific, unique place in the competitive brandscape. It’s your place and no one else’s. It’s not easy to figure out what that might be for… Continue Reading →

Brand Identity vs. Brand Image

Brand Identity. Brand Image. Similar, but fundamentally different. Even marketers get them confused. Not to mention the graphic designers out there adding fuel to the confusion by crafting nifty visual or graphic identities (logos, etc.) under the guise of “brand… Continue Reading →

What Exactly is a “Brand?”

This question was recently posed to a LinkedIn group to which I belong: What is a brand? Not surprisingly, the responses were varied and, depending on one’s perspective, correct. If ever there was a loosy-goosy marketing term, “brand” is probably it. The question… Continue Reading →

The Importance of Core Brand Values

In many ways, brands are like people. In fact, I often ask participants in my brand identity workshops to describe the subject brand persona as if it were an actual person. One key element of this persona is the core… Continue Reading →

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