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A Brand Value Proposition? Why, and Who Cares?

To define your brand value proposition consider this: what specific benefits do users receive from your brand? Remember the old Volvo ads that harped on their cars being built around passenger safety? Back in the ’70s and ’80s it was the one thing, above all else,… Continue Reading →

A Closer Look at “Brand Identity”

“Brand identity.” It just may be one of the more misunderstood and under-appreciated terms in marketing. More often than not, it seems people simply associate “Brand Identity” with the graphic identity of the brand — the logo, graphic design system, and perhaps… Continue Reading →

Starbucks Gets The Value of Brand Touch Points

Starbucks knows a thing or hundred about clicking with its customers. Not only have they mastered the art of serving coffee to the masses, but they also pour a consistent brand experience with every single cup. But it hasn’t been easy. Starbucks celebrated its 47th anniversary… Continue Reading →

How to Identify Your Brand Touch Points

Your brand — no matter what it is and to whom you sell — has many layers of subtle and not-so-subtle interactions with your customers, prospects and influencers. Identifying each and every one of those brand touch points is the first step… Continue Reading →

“Mad Men” and Loyal Brand Customers

I liked the AMC cable TV series, “Mad Men.” You’ll remember it was set in the early 1960’s New York advertising world and delivered an accurate peek into how that business operated back then (well before my time) while weaving in the requisite… Continue Reading →

Starting A New Business = New Brand Opportunity

A blank slate. A fresh start. A new business. If you’re at the starting line for sure-fire success with a new venture, congratulations! One way to pave the way for that success is to consider the kind of brand image… Continue Reading →

Why Post-Purchase Brand Touch Points Matter.

The sale is made. Cha-Ching! But how do you keep existing customers coming back for more? No matter what business you’re in (except, maybe funeral homes?), repeat sales are most likely a vital part of your continued success. And that’s why post-purchase… Continue Reading →

Take Control of Your Brand Identity to Build Your Brand Image

“It’s not what you say, it’s what you do.” That timeless chestnut sums up the difference in the oft-confused branding jargon of “identity” and “image.” And, when it comes to successful branding, both parts play a key role in success…. Continue Reading →

The Brand Identity: The Long View

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” We were all asked that at one time or another (I still ponder over this question for myself some days). It’s a fair question to consider for your brand(s) right now — what… Continue Reading →

Identifying Your Pre-Purchase Brand Touch Points

Think about all of the various interactions your company has with customers and prospects before the sale is ever made. The big, obvious ones and those that seem minor and insignificant. Got ’em all? You probably identified touch points like your advertising programs, trade shows,… Continue Reading →

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