If you don’t define your brand then prospects, customers, employees, and competitors will do it for you. On their terms.

Intentionally defining and managing a brand identity improves the odds for ongoing business success by supporting higher pricing strategies, improving customer loyalty and employee morale, strengthening vendor relationships, and more.

Whether undertaking a re-brand or developing an altogether new brand for a product, service or organization, at 34 North we follow three basic steps to create a distinctive, intentional brand identity:

  1. Investigate: Internal interviews, brand touch point analysis, competitive mapping, target audience insights.
  2. Ideate: Brand vision, values, positioning, value proposition(s), persona(s), tagline, stories and messaging, elevator pitch, internal and external touch point alignment.
  3.  Activate: Organization-wide training, touch point management, graphic identity (logo, color and typographic palettes, iconography, design templates and style guide, brand mood board), web site, marketing campaigns, other brand communication activities.

Depending on the marketing environment and particular client challenges and requirements, the process can take eight weeks to eight months. It’s a highly participatory, energizing and rewarding process for those involved.