Brand Communications

Brand Communications: What Is It?

For years I referred to what I did for a living as “Marketing Communications.” That is, communications activities that specifically supported the marketing efforts for a client’s product or service. But experience has led me to a more evolved perspective. And, it’s based on… Continue Reading →

Targeted Brand Messaging: A Great Example

The 2007 movie “Knocked Up” was on cable the other night. During a commercial break, an ad came on for Trojan® Fire & Ice™ condoms. The ad itself may not have been all that remarkable, but the placement within this particular movie… Continue Reading →

Is Traditional Advertising Dead?

I grew up in a kinder, gentler advertising world: TV, radio, outdoor, newspaper, magazine, point-of-purchase. During that time, media options were relatively few and well-defined, and the emphasis was on creatively engaging the prospect and breaking through the ad clutter. Advertising, in its purest definition, was the workhorse called… Continue Reading →

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