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What If You Only Had One Customer?

What if the entire success of your business depended on one customer, and one customer alone? What kind of heightened focus would you have on delivering the best all-around brand experience possible to ensure that customer remained your customer? It’s likely you have tens, hundreds,… Continue Reading →

“Mad Men” and Loyal Brand Customers

I liked the AMC cable TV series, “Mad Men.” You’ll remember it was set in the early 1960’s New York advertising world and delivered an accurate peek into how that business operated back then (well before my time) while weaving in the requisite… Continue Reading →

Branding: What We Can Learn About It From College Football

Thankfully, it’s time for the college football season to start. With all the color, pageantry, traditions, fanaticism, and school spirit that go with it, college football offers a complete experience unlike any other sport. And, perhaps, unlike any other brand.  The first college football… Continue Reading →

Brand Touch Points Will Make Or Break Your Business

Not long ago, my wife and I visited a local pizza joint for a late dinner. The place was nearly empty when we arrived. It was also a mess; every table was piled high with the previous guests’ trash. Being a seat-yourself place, we found what… Continue Reading →

Employee Training of Brand Touch Points

Last week I stopped by a Dairy Queen for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. One of DQ’s signatures is, of course, the “Blizzard,” and I’m a big fan. A Blizzard, for those unenlightened few, is simply a cup of soft vanilla ice… Continue Reading →

Business Success Depends On The Brand Experience You Deliver

When it comes to buying and using a product or service, we’ve all had good and bad experiences. Chances are we’ll go back to wherever the experience has been good and never darken the halls again where it’s been bad. Not long… Continue Reading →

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