Brand Touch Points

Brand Touch Points Drive Your Brand Image.

I visited a local Italian restaurant not long ago. Good food and good service, which was to be expected for the mid-range prices they were charging. What wasn’t expected, though, were the folding tables and chairs (think church potluck supper decor and you… Continue Reading →

“Influencing” Brand Touch Points Can Be Good For Business.

I’ve written in the past about pre-purchase, purchase, and post-purchase brand touch points — all those interactions that take place between the customer and your brand before, during, and after the sale.   In the world of brand touch points, there’s a special category… Continue Reading →

What If You Only Had One Customer?

What if the entire success of your business depended on one customer, and one customer alone? What kind of heightened focus would you have on delivering the best all-around brand experience possible to ensure that customer remained your customer? It’s likely you have tens, hundreds,… Continue Reading →

Creating a Brand Image

Your brand image. It’s how people view your brand. It’s what they think about it. It’s things like trust, value, quality, features, performance, assurance, status, service, and more. It’s not static, but ideally it’s not constantly changing either. It determines whether… Continue Reading →

Managing Pre-Purchase Brand Touch Points

The early ’80s were a much simpler time in the advertising business. That’s when I began my career, and the tools we utilized to communicate brand messages were fewer and simpler to command. Creativity (a.k.a. The Big Idea) reigned supreme…. Continue Reading →

The Smallest Brand Touch Point Can Lose You Business

Though my wife would surely disagree, I’m generally a mild-mannered guy. There are few things that get under my skin, but one that does is a toothpaste cap that has to be snapped to close (see picture). What focus groups and test market results proved this would be a… Continue Reading →

Losing Sales? Look Closely at Your Brand Touch Points.

The brand communications have worked as designed: the advertising, pr, trade shows, sales presentations, packaging, etc. have all brought the prospect to the brink of becoming a customer. The cash register is about to ring and the cork popped. But then something… Continue Reading →

Your Employees as Brand Touch Points

This much is obvious: your employees are vital to the success of your business. They make the engine go. But they’re not just employees; they’re potentially vital brand touch points. Depending on your business, you’ll have many types of front line and behind… Continue Reading →

A Closer Look at “Brand Identity”

“Brand identity.” It just may be one of the more misunderstood and under-appreciated terms in marketing. More often than not, it seems people simply associate “Brand Identity” with the graphic identity of the brand — the logo, graphic design system, and perhaps… Continue Reading →

Starbucks Gets The Value of Brand Touch Points

Starbucks knows a thing or hundred about clicking with its customers. Not only have they mastered the art of serving coffee to the masses, but they also pour a consistent brand experience with every single cup. But it hasn’t been easy. Starbucks celebrated its 47th anniversary… Continue Reading →

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