A lot of ad agencies and design firms use the term “brand identity” to refer to the visual elements of a brand — logo, typography, color palette, design systems — the tactile look and feel of the brand. While this isn’t entirely incorrect, it is entirely incomplete. 

We submit that a better view of brand identity is this: a strategically-crafted blueprint for how you want your brand to be perceived among your customers, prospects, influencers, vendors, employees, and other stakeholders. It includes not only the graphic identity but also many other components:

Brand identity is strategic; it takes time and careful consideration to develop a brand identity that differentiates and resonates. Brand communications is the tactical activation of the brand identity. It takes place over time (years), working to build your brand image and drive sales. Many businesses jump into brand communications without first crafting their brand identity, which is much like the old-but-true cliche, “without a map any road will get you there.”    

Sure, a great looking logo is cool. But have you crafted a complete brand identity? Today would be the best day to get started. Here’s more about Brand Identity. And, if you need some help making sense of it all, 34 North is just a quick call away.