A simple question: do your employees know specifically what your brand identity is?  

Are they versed in the decisive, differentiated advantages your brand delivers compared to competitive offerings (your brand position)?  Do they know the nuances of the benefits your brand provides to your customers (your brand value proposition)?  Can they speak to the big picture of what your brand stands for (the brand vision and values statements)?

If they do know all of this, are they actively and correctly living and breathing it in the way they deliver the brand experience?

If you’re not sure, you should find out: make the rounds and ask them. The bet here is that things aren’t as hunky-dory as you may think; you need to get everyone on board, singing from the same page in the same hymnal as it were. And (gasp!) if you haven’t thought through all of these things yourself and proactively developed and strategically crafted your brand identity, now’s the time. Because the very success of your business depends on it.

After all, isn’t that success why you show up to bust your butt at work every day? At 34 North, we can help with any or all of this. Give us a call.