I liked the AMC cable TV series, “Mad Men.” You’ll remember it was set in the early 1960’s New York advertising world and delivered an accurate peek into how that business operated back then (well before my time) while weaving in the requisite TV drama of relationship issues, marital affairs, etc.

There was a natural interest because of the advertising business context, my livelihood for the past 30 years. But there was something more. There was a certain visual style, a consistent smartness to the writing, a tight definition of the character roles, a freshness to the plot turns, and a real involvement with the unfolding story line and the characters. Every time I watched, I had an expectation that my one-hour investment wouldn’t be wasted.

“Mad Men” appealed to me for various reasons, and it continued to reinforce those reasons every time I tuned in. From day one, I was a loyal consumer of the show. Unless the producers messed up and give me a reason to stray elsewhere — which they never did over 92 hours of programming — I continued to tune in every Sunday night at 10pm.

Apparently, I wasn’t alone. The show did well in the ratings and garnered critical acclaim during its 2007-2015 run. And for uber-fanatics, there were various ways to become even more deeply engaged with the show and its characters online and through social media.

Successful TV shows like “Mad Men” are no different than successful brands.  

Just as for well-liked TV shows, well-liked brands cultivate customer loyalty by consistently reinforcing the reasons those customers became customers to begin with. They do this by carefully identifying, prioritizing, and then deliberately managing the customer interactions with the brand — the brand touch points — that drive the sale, reinforce brand loyalty, and foster a genuine long-term engagement.

Customers form a positive image about the brands they repeatedly use, just like they do for the TV shows they routinely watch.

Are people tuning in to your brand? Tuning out? Are they regular “viewers?” Hit and miss? Loyal fanatics? Why?

Get a handle on this now so you can better define and administer your brand touch points. This will pay off with brand loyalty later. Definitely something worth staying tuned in for, I’d say. And, if you need assistance, give us a call at 34 North.