Few things require more investment of thought than naming something.

What to call the new dog? Or child? Coming up with the right name is obviously worth the effort, since these things have a way of being around quite a while. “Snortle” sounds like a fun name for that cranky infant at first, but long term?

It’s the same in business: brands are built around the names we create for products, services, features, and, of course, company names themselves. In our case, 34 North serves multiple purposes, the least of which is identifying the latitude near where we are based (North Atlanta). More importantly, it reinforces our corporate mission: providing the direction and navigation tools and insights for development of successful brands.

Without a destination in mind, any road will get you there.

34 North was created not only to help organizations map where they’re wanting or needing to be, but also to help them to navigate a clear route to getting there through more effective branding practices.

Are you exactly where you need to be? Since you’re reading this, you’re one step closer.