If you’re like most in business, your focus is on selling more of your stuff and getting it out the door, solving problems, handling customer issues, managing employees, etc. It’s a balance of day-to-day priorities and challenges.

So here’s the question: are the decisions you make and the actions you take aligned with “the brand?” (“The brand” here refers to the brand identity — the strategically crafted, carefully considered what, why, and how of your brand.) Most likely the answer is “no,” but don’t feel bad: it’s the same for most of us. But for those who manage successful brands, the answer is more likely a resounding “yes.”

The Purposely Driven Brand

The difference with successful brands lies in the way those brand owners and managers proactively conduct their business with the brand identity actively at the forefront. These are purposely driven brands, where touch points are consistently and purposely delivered in direct alignment with a finely honed brand identity.

This is different from a purpose driven brand, noble as it is. This is activating your brand identity in order to meet your business objectives and goals.

“Ah, that esoteric marketing-jargon brand identity thing,” you’re thinking. As the great Lee Corso says, “not so fast, my friend.”

Do you accept the axiom that a successful brand drives business success? And, do you try to make your business as successful as possible? If so, you (should) recognize the brand identity as the road map that leads to a successful brand. It’s a very real, non-esoteric thing.

When effectively crafted and adopted, the brand identity defines the framework for every decision and action you’ll make on any and every business day. It becomes ingrained as corporate culture, a living and breathing part of the organization’s DNA. When the brand identity is purposely administered and proactively managed, your business benefits.

And that, my friends, are the basics of The Purposely Driven Brand. Ready to take the wheel?


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