“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

We were all asked that at one time or another (I still ponder over this question for myself some days). It’s a fair question to consider for your brand(s) right now — what do you want it/them to be today and tomorrow?

The process of formally answering this is the development of your brand identity. It’s the platform from which all your future brand-related activities will spring to life. It’s the litmus test to determine if future initiatives are in the best interest for the brand. It’s the standard for how you deliver your brand touch points.

This brand identity thing is a pretty big deal.

Managers of successful brands have paid much attention to developing and managing their brand identity. Disney. Apple. BMW. Nike. Local sports franchises, and their leagues. Even popular novelists and rock bands. Each has a distinctive truth about it, which is consistently reinforced time and again in the way their respective touch points are delivered. And make no mistake: the various touch points for each have been carefully planned and administered, and proactively managed as the marketplace continues to shift and evolve.

Developing a successful brand identity is a complex process, but the big picture is this: consider what you want your customers, prospects, and others to think about your brand and define specifically how you want them to experience their interactions with the brand. Then, plan and consistently deliver that defined brand experience: graphically, via your products, your services, your facilities, through your online and traditional promotional programs, in your sales presentations and customer service, and the myriad of other brand touch points that help drive sales (new and repeat) for your business.

So, what do you want your brand to be when it grows up? Today is a great day to start thinking or rethinking about it. At 34 North, we’re ready to help.