Who represents your brand out there on a day-to-day basis?

Your sales force? Without a doubt.

Customer service reps? Absolutely.

Service providers? Yep.

Anybody else having direct customer or prospect contact? Of course, yes.

Certainly, you’ve empowered these official brand representatives to deliver their respective brand touch points in a way that reinforces your brand identity. They know what to say and do.

Behind them, you likely have other employees working for your company who are not on the front lines. When these behind-the-scene workers were trained, I’m guessing they were presented with only on the barest elements of your brand identity — if any at all. True?

Remember the “Butterfly Effect?”

Could some of these behind the scene employees actually be the butterfly who’s seemingly insignificant actions result in dramatic consequences? Would you really ever know until it’s too late?

The driver of the delivery truck emblazoned with your logo, recklessly and obnoxiously weaving through traffic. The auto mechanic carelessly forgetting to tighten the battery terminal after re-connecting it. The rude parking lot attendant at the hospital. The administrative assistant who spells the customer’s name wrong. The stocking clerk ignoring a customer in need of assistance. The bank teller who is either too chatty or has no personality.

I could keep going, but so can you, I’m sure.

While you can’t possibly micro-manage the actions of every employee, you can ensure that each is fully aware of exactly how they, too, should meet your expectations for delivering their respective brand touch points so they’re aligned with your brand identity. The culture of conviction, passion, and commitment that you instill in your front line ambassadors should take root with your behind the scenes employees as well.

Because you just never know who the face of your brand will be in a given situation. And, what affect that face will ultimately have on whether you win business, keep it, or lose it. 34 North can help you identify the faces of your brand. Give us a call.