The sale is made. Cha-Ching! But how do you keep existing customers coming back for more? No matter what business you’re in (except, maybe funeral homes?), repeat sales are most likely a vital part of your continued success.

And that’s why post-purchase brand touch points are a big deal, not to be overlooked while so much emphasis is naturally placed on getting the sale to begin with.

Consider all of the ways you continue to interact with your customers, post-sale. What situations and issues are likely to infuriate those customers the most, driving them away forever?

  • Product/service quality
  • Warranty performance
  • Tech support
  • User training and documentation
  • Return policies and procedures
  • Product packaging
  • Customer service personnel
  • Product performance and maintenance

Each of these post-purchase brand touch points — and possibly hundreds more for your particular business — play a role in helping your customer decide if he or she will ever do business with you again.

Remember what was required to reel in that customer to begin with? How about considering the potential lifetime value of that hard-won customer relationship. Now, add in the power of social media and user reviews and how those customers could very well spread the word about how great your product or service is … or isn’t.

Isn’t it worth the considered effort to keep them happy after the sale? At 34 North, we can help you get this in the works.